Believe in your 'Passion'Believe in your 'Passion'
Everyone has their own "Passion".
It may be your favorite anime, or a unique hobby, a special personal research, or even a chill spot.The level of "Passion" is up to you.
If you have ever felt this "Passion" in some way, Believe in its energy, and now it is your turn to pass it on to another.



Create an
of the New Era

We want people all over the world to discover something truly fascinating:

The entertainment of a new era!




Becoming a Leading
Global Companyin

We not only embrace the present, but constantly strive to conquer new frontiers.

This pursuit extends beyond our domestic borders; we reach out to the farthest corners of the world.

Evolving into a globally renowned enterprise allows us to bring entertainment to an ever-greater audience.


Defying Norms and EmbracingChallenges

To ensure we remain constantly creative, we strive to discern and embrace the essential currents of our time,
constantly challenging ourselves to move beyond our limitations. Our guiding principles:

  • 01Seek to be in the vanguard,
    and to stay there.
  • 02Initiate, engage, breakthrough.
  • 03Keep surpassing expectations.


What are the welfare benefits?

We offer various social insurance packages, a nursing-care leave system, and a childcare leave system.
※For full-time employees only: retirement allowance system and defined contribution pension system are provided.

Are there any other welfare benefits?

Other benefits include travel allowances and corporate massage.
Travel allowances are calculated by deducting the commuting pass fee from the company-designated amount. We hope that employees who live close-by can use the time they once spent commuting for self-improvement and entertainment.
Our corporate massage program is highly popular. We have in-house massage therapists and staff can arrange to receive massage treatment during working hours.

I have already graduated. Can I still apply?

Target applicants are those graduating in the year 2025. If you have already graduated, please consider for our mid-career recruitment program.

What about the return of my application documents and the handling of personal information?

Please be aware that resumes and portfolios cannot be returned. Your documents will be responsibly disposed of.

I am a new graduate student with foreign nationality. Can I apply?

Regardless of nationality, we provide an environment where you can thrive. We look forward to receiving your application.

I am currently studying abroad and will not graduate in March. Can I still apply?

You can certainly still apply. Please make sure to clearly state your circumstances in your resume.

Are you planning to hire students from junior colleges or vocational schools?

If you are graduating in 2025, you are welcome to apply.

Can I request a company visit?

Unfortunately, we do not conduct company visits or tours for new graduate applicants.


Applications open

March 24
Applications close

Early to Mid April
CV Screening, Web Test

Mid April to Early May
Primary Interview

Mid May to Early June
Final Interview

Tentative Offer

Dates are subject to change.


General Positions (Entertainment)
Applicants must be expected to graduate from a technical college, vocational school, junior college, university or graduate school between April 2024 and March 2025.
※If you have already graduated and have professional experience, you are not eligible for this application.
Recruitment Positions
Public Relations and Promotion Department (Public Relations, Planning, Marketing)
Licensing Department (Product Planning, Copyright Acquisition Negotiations, Contracts, Supervision)
Digital Content Department (Game Planning, Public Relations, Operations)
Trading Card Game Department (Planning, Development, Public Relations, Sales, Tournament Operations, Marketing)
Designer: Transportation and web advertising, promotional materials, logos and key visuals, event booth design, merchandise and product packaging, and various printed materials.
Bushiroad Creative Inc. (Product Planning, Merchandise Production, Sales, Event Merchandising, E-commerce Site Management)
Bushiroad Move Inc. (Advertising Agency Services, Event Production, Audio-Visual Production, Talent Management, Voice Actor Agency Management)
Bushiroad Music Inc. (Live Event Planning, Live Event Production, Music Production Coordination, Music Streaming Production, Sales, Promotion)
Bushiroad Music Publishing Inc. (Music Copyright Management)
Stardom Inc. formerly known as Bushiroad Fight Inc. (Public Relations, Organization Management, Administration, Management, Video Production, Video Streaming, Merchandise Planning)
Bushiroad Works Inc. (Planning, Manga Editing, Book Editing, Publishing, Comic Website Operation)
Work Location
Tokyo Head Office
※There is also the possibility of working in affiliated companies, including overseas subsidiaries, in the future.
Vocational School, Junior College, Technical College, and University: JPY 260,000
Master / PhD: JPY 265,000
※Fixed overtime pay for up to 45 hours is included.
※If you exceed the fixed overtime hours, additional overtime pay will be provided for the excess hours.
Twice a year (June, December)
Work Hours
Two days off per week (Saturday and Sunday), national holidays, year-end and New Year holidays.
Insurance & Benefits
Insurance (employment insurance, workers' compensation, health insurance, employee welfar pension), night shift allowance, child allowance (JPY 10,000 per child per month), travel allowance (based on the distance traveled, following internal regulations), defined contribution pension system, retirement benefits, corporate massage. Casual dress code.
※Smoking is prohibited inside the office.